Saturday, June 16, 2012

What is in Store for Today?

It is Saturday morning and I've been up for a while spending time with Kevin. He is getting sleepy and will be headed to bed soon. I need to run across the street to the grocery store and pick up a few things. Not much, just a few items like milk and snacks for the kids. I'll look at the fruit to see if anything is good. I also need to make a quick trip to Michael's.  I need to get some white cardstock, glue dots, and a few Copics for something I want to color.

Other than that my day will be scrapping some pages on our trip to Dahlonega. I need to use some of my scraps too! I need to make some cards LOL That will be my day. I'm planning on having a quiet, not doing much of anything but scrapping kind of weekend. What kind of weekend are you planning?

Here are some pictures of my pets.. thought I would share them.. i love my furry kids :)

This is highlight. She is about 9 or 10 years old now? She is a Ragdoll, although she does not have that known Ragdoll characteristic of just relaxing when she is held. She hates to be held LOL  She is certainly the princess of the family. She is beautiful though. (not sure why I can't get a couple of my photos are turned sideways. I've tried everything)

This is T-Bone. Kevin named him hehe. We have decided that our cats will have office supply names LOL and the dogs meat cuts. He is a rescue from a local pet rescue. His mother was found in a briar patch with her litter and rescued. he is one of the pups. He is a little over a year now. I know.. a face only a mother could love hehehe. We laugh at his cute pink nose and his big fat pink bottom lip. He has been a really good dog. He has such a huge underbite.. I'm thinking that is why his lip is so big LOL T-Bone and Kevin were really tight. We can't decide if he will remember him, but I'm thinking T-Bone will go ballistic when he sees Kevin. He will be excited.

And this is our most recent addition to the family, Whiteout. My oldest daughter begged for him, then she moved out. He is mine now.. we have gotten pretty tight :)  He is adorable. The top picture is him playing with the dogs toy. He will carry it around LOL He's too funny!

I love animals; always have. I worked as a Vet Tech in my teen years. I think I got my first job in a vet at 16 years old. It was my favorite job. I absolutely loved it and would still love it as much today if I could afford it. It just doesn't pay well. Now my oldest daughter is working in a vet hospital. She started off as an intern and now she is staying on in a paid position. I'm proud of her for that. She starts college in August and she will be Pre-Vet. She will do well.. she is a smart girl.

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Ms. Pebbles said...

Your pictures are too cute!