Friday, June 1, 2012

Motivation to Scrap Again

Kevin and I met several years ago online. He came here for three months last December and had to head back home in March. We hired an attorney and filed the immigration fiance paperwork as soon as he left. The paperwork went to the Vermont Service Center since I live on the east coast. Thank goodness I live on the east coast! The initial review of the paperwork takes an average of five months to review at the Vermont Service Center compared to the 18.5 months it takes in the Texas Service Center. We were going to get married before he left, but it actually takes longer to process a family member than it does to process a fiance. It would have been a year to review the paperwork if we had been married first. Once the initial paperwork is reviewed and approved then an interview gets set up at the Consulate in Australia. That apparently can take one to two months. And there are some things that we have to get done by the time of his appointment like a police check, medical examination, etc.
I haven't scrapbooked anything for years now. I just couldn't get motivated to pull everything out and do anything. Now that I know the interview will be scheduled in a couple of months, I have the motivation I need to get busy. We have to have a photo album for him to take when he goes to his consulate interview. So I finally pulled everything out and got busy on an album. I just needed something that would force me to pull things out. I'm really glad to have been forced to get this done, because I have really missed scrapbooking. Even my kids said I was much nicer when I was scrapbooking LOL.
I'm working on an 8.5 x 11 album. I have never worked on such a small palette. I have always done 12x12 pages and I love that I have so much room to work on. It has been really hard to try to work on such a small page, but I'm getting through it! I'm just happy to be working on something!
Once this album is finished I have to send it over to Australia so he can take it on his interview. I just wish the time would hurry up and go by. I'm ready for this waiting to be over and for him to be home. It's really hard being apart.

 I didn't have much for Xmas photos this year so I had to work with what I had. At least I had something. My sister took these with her IPhone... Yuck! Doesn't work as well as she thinks it does.

 This is Kevin and I at my work. Someone at work took the two pictures of us in front of the building. I'm not sure he could have gotten us any farther away LOL. The middle one is us at Chick-fil-a having lunch.

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