Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cleaning and a new Camera

Since I have decided to get back to my scrapbooking, I had to get my supplies back into the house and out of the garage. I find it really hard not having all the supplies near me. So, for the past week I have been trying to organize supplies. Isn't it funny how when you want to clean and organize a space that it gets much more cluttered and messy than when you started before it gets better. Once it gets better it is always way better. While I'm cleaning I'm also trying to get rid of some things. There is a lady downstairs from us that scrapbooks also. I've given her supplies that I would not use, paper that I wouldn't use, fiber that I wouldn't use. I'm a hoarder and I'm trying to thin out a little. I'm definitely not thinning out enough, but I can't let a lot of it go. I try, but I always think... I'll use that one day! LOL The life of us hoarders.. errrr Collectors!! I will continue to work on getting it all cleaned up. It is making the garage look better at the same time! I'm hoping to finish this week and get the house back to normal. I'll keep working each night when I get home. I can't start another page until its finished! And I really need to get back to that album for immigration. I'll try to take some pictures of my space soon.

Last week I ordered a new camera! It's a Canon EOS Rebel. Thanks to my job and them setting up things to help us. I was able to purchase this camera and they take a small amount of my pay check each week to pay for it. It is the only way I would have been able to do this. Finally not a point and shoot, but one that I can adjust and change lens. I've been wanting a better camera for a long time and I've also been wanting to take a class on photography. They have some classes that are at the local city parks, just continuing education, art type classes. I believe the class is $75 and I would love to get in one just to see what I can learn. I've always been really interested in Photography and bettering my own photography. The first step was investing in a better camera. So step one done! I'm really excited about it! I charged the battery up last night. I will have to take some pictures today and see how they come out. The one thing that didn't come with it is a flash. I will have to go out and get a flash for it.

There was a blog hop this past weekend with Cutters Creek Design Team. I didn't win the Grand Prize, but Deanna was also giving away a gorgeous 6x6 Hello Summer Paper Pad and I won it!! I never win anything; I'm so excited!! I think this is the first time I've ever won anything! And on top of that this was my very first Blog Hop! Thank you Deanna so much :)

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