Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What the Heck Just Happened?

Today was a pretty good day. I got off to work early and got some things done today. I had to leave early to take Michael back to the orthodontist to pick up his retainers. He has to wear his retainers all the time for the next three months. Then after that, he will only have to wear them at night hopefully. Bailey and I were joking around with him for a little bit since it is hard for him to talk. It was cute though and he was being a good sport with the picking. That is unusual for him.

I took the kids to the Back To School Bash that the church was having. I don't think either of them wanted to go, but we went any way. I am trying to get them more involved in church and trying to get them to meet some new people. We went in and within 10 minutes Bailey found someone that she knew and she was off. Michael never left my side. The middle school pastor came up to talk to him and he wouldn't smile or talk or anything. He stayed on his phone for a lot of the time.. I finally made him put it up. All he was doing was pacing back and forth in front of me on his phone and it was driving me crazy. We stayed for about an hour and a half. Bailey had a really fun time and wasn't ready to leave. I told her would definitely do more of this, but I needed to get home and get some sleep for work in the morning. Michael was just glad to get out of there I think. This is my strange boy... it is 90 degrees outside and he is wearing a jacket!! So he has pockets for his phone he says. I just don't know what else to do to try to break him out of that shell of his and get him to be more open for people.

Well.. on the way home I knew I needed to call my mother. I had not spoken to her since Saturday...

 A little history on us... we were pretty close for a lot of my life. Then I got married to David and my mother never really liked him. She was very apparent about it even though she doesn't think she was. She would roll her eyes, make comments about it, etc. It was a really hard thing for me to deal with for the 13 years I was married to the man and it really put a strain on my mother and my relationship. Not only that, but she would yell at my kids or discipline them for things that I didn't feel were wrong. I don't know.. it was an odd time and it really put a strain on our relationship. We were really strained for quite a few years. We weren't doing things together like we had. We weren't visiting like we always did. Nothing was the same. Towards the end of my marriage or maybe even once it was over, I can't remember, I wrote her a letter that was several pages and just put everything that I was feeling out there. We talked about it and over time we got better. I don't think we ever got back to the way we were, but we were definitely better. She is a bit needy. She needs you to call her all the time and she would really like it if we came over more often. A couple of things about that... She doesn't call you... she expects you to call her. And my mother is a smoker and I really don't like being in her house and I don't like my kids being in her house and with smoke in our faces. Now...

I was on the way home from church and I called my mother. We were having a nice conversation... how are you feeling? Did my sister go over there for her on Sunday? She had a broken wrist from her trip to France and she had an appointment on Monday. I failed to call her on Monday to find out how everything went, even though on Saturday I asked her to call me after her appointment. That is where everything turned on me. I was broadsided and I had no idea what the heck just happened!!!??? She started saying how disappointed she was in my sister and I because neither one of called her on Monday to find out how her appointment went. She was disappointed that I didn't go over there more. I was selfish.. It didn't matter how tired she was... she would have been here for me in a heart beat. And it went on and on.. by the time I got home I was in tears ... and the kids were probably wondering what the heck just happened too!

I don't normally stand my ground with my mother or stand up for myself, but I tried. I was there for her.. not every night like she probably wanted, but when she called and needed us we were there. She wanted me to come over all the time I guess. I tried to explain that it wasn't about me being tired.. it was about me having responsibilities. I am a single mother .. Kevin is in Australia for the time being and its just me. It's me to get them up in the morning. They don't get home until 5 pm each night.. 4:50 pm they are walking in the door from the bus. I get them dinner... they work on homework and make sure that gets done... showers, packing backpacks.. and its time for bed. She says .. yes.. its all about me. I said.. No .. it isn't all about me, but it is all about my kids!

Ughhh ... she made me feel terrible. She makes me question myself. I've tried so hard to have her be a part of things. I invited her to drive up to Dahlonega with me on Saturday to see Taylor. I've asked her to go to church with me every week. Once her wrist was broken that was her excuse not to go to church, so she hasn't been going with us since. I've really tried... And now.. I have to really try not to let it affect our relationship. I have to pray hard about it.. because it makes me want to back way off. I know I can't do that. I also know that she was drinking tonight.. I could tell by her slurring words. Such a shocker to end my night. And then... I tried to call my sister, but she didn't pick up. So, after I told my mother that I had to go, she called my sister to light into her. LOL Wow.. What a night.

Thanks for listening.. I'm off to bed now. Kevin is at the movies.. enjoying The Expendables 2 I believe. I hope he is enjoying the movie.

Here is my sister, my mother and I .. years ago, 2004, at Fogo De Chao.. a really awesome restaurant. Man.. I was young LOL Here is to a better day tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Day and Giveaway LOL I rhymed!

Good morning all my fellow onliners and bloggers and such. My new word.. Onliners LOL Brings back memories.. my kids and their makeup words.. We had Taylor who made up the word Poinky.. which we still use today. You know when your hair grows out on your legs and its stubble .. well .. it's poinky!! LOL Love that word... then we have Michael who gave us Chalky Milk .. which was suppose to be Chocolate Milk, but didn't come out that way. So, if you are ever at my house and you want chocolate milk don't you dare ask for it by name LOL It is Chalky Milk in this house ;) Last but not least is the lovely Bailey.. You see, we don't have a Refrigerator in our house, but we do have a Flijalator! Okay.. on to my true purpose for this morning.

A fellow crafter.. Crafting Vicky.. who I adore and admire and I think she is AWESOME! is having a giveaway for her friends. Vicky is a team member with me on a couple of Design Teams and I think she is great :)  She is very talented and I know you would enjoy following her as much as I enjoy it!! So visit Vicky at her blog, Crafting Vicky!

Look at all the awesome charms! How fun!! That Eiffel tower will go great with my sister and mother's trip to France. And the Christmas tree and snowflake.. well.. those will look GREAT on my Christmas cards. That Hope! Well that would go on my sister's Breast Cancer mini. Yes.. I am.. I am already planning what I will be using them on !! LOL Hey.. doesn't hurt to have some positive thinking!!

One more giveaway to tell you about:


This one is for Washi Tape from Purple Pumpkin. Go check it out!

And One last awesome giveaway.. I don't know about you, but I LOVE Lili of the Valley!! So here you go:

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

900 followers candy!

Well as I mentioned yesterday, amazingly I've now gone over 900 followers... how did that happen eh?!
As a little celebration and thank you to you all, I thought a little candy was in order.  So here it is....

This awesome giveaway is at Wishcraft .. another awesome blog I follow :)  So go check it out! I know you will love it too as much as I do.. and a chance to win Lili of the Valley!! That's a dream!!!

One last thing... You have to go here to Quilltique Paradise .. Wow!! I don't even know what to say... her work is amazing!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tammy's Scrapin Corner Challenge #25 - Layers!

Good morning everyone! Rise and shine to a new week ahead. Here's to hoping for happy Immigration news this week!! Today begins a new Challenge at Tammy's Scrapin Corner. This challenge is all about layers! You have to have at least two layers on your project. Here is my card using an image from Digi Darla Designs - Fall Kids. I love this image! Hope you enjoy the card.. I had a lot of fun making it.. My first try at a Step Card of any type:

I used random patterned papers and cardstock that I had. The white cardstock that I made the card from came from Michaels. I believe it was Bazzill, but I can't be 100% sure. I printed this image several times and colored them with Copic. I pieced the scarves on both of the kids, I also pieced a lot of the leaves in the different leaf piles. There is a small leaf pile by the boy that you can't see that well. I popped a lot of the floating leaves as well. The tree was hand drawn and cut out of paper. I stitched it with awesome new thread I got .. Sulky .. It is several colors wrapped up in one.. I love it! So this one had black, orange, red, yellow.. just fantastic.. I love how it looks. I popped a lot of things on this card. I tried to remember all of the Copic I used.. here you go:

Girls Clothing:  V12, V17, R21, R22
Boys Clothing: E50, E53, E55, G24, G28
Jeans for both Girl and Boy: B34, B37, B39
Shoes for both Girl and Boy: E44 and E47
Leaves: E07, E19, E31, E35, E53, E55, G20, G24, G28, R29, Y00, Y13, Y17, YR02, YR04, YR21, YR24

Yesterday we went to church and it was a glorious service. I know I've said before, but we are really new to this church; only being there about three or four months maybe. Yesterday, they celebrated their 25th Anniversary as a church and 20 years that Mark has been the senior pastor there. The music, the singing, the celebrating was just wonderful. I'm always amazed at the talent there. They had a full band and orchestra.. amazing. The chorus was huge and even had people that had come from out of state to celebrate with them. His sermon was great and really just touched on how society has changed over 25 years. Really makes you sit back and ponder. It was really great. They are also doing a "40 Days of Prayer" United to pray for a great awakening.. which is really what we need in America and all across our great world. So, I picked up a prayer guide and each day, starting on Monday, September 24th and concluding on Friday, November 2nd it gives you a focus for your prayer that day and a scripture. The ending is right before the 2012 Presidential Election. I have really enjoyed being a part of this church and to learn and grow in my spirituality. I have a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do, but each day I am in awe of the glory of our God and the beauty and goodness he has given us. Kevin is such a blessing in my life having shown me the way back to the Lord. I look forward to the day when he is home with us, we are married and truly become a family. I look forward to going to church with him each Sunday and growing with him.

On a side note, there is a wonderful story and giveaway from Keren Tamir. God is so good Keren and may he bless your many days ahead with good health and happiness. Read her story on her blog, Expressing From My Heart and Soul. She is an beautiful soul and just by reading your post you will see what I mean.  And I agree with her.. we need a little more love and caring in this world of ours. Tell someone you love them today.. or show them. God bless you all and have a wonderful week!

One more giveaway at The Craft Barn Blog. Go check them out!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

OSAAT Challenge #128 - Use A Digi

Good morning Everyone!!! Today is a new challenge at One Stitch At A Time. This is Challenge #128 with a theme of "Use A Digi!". Here is my card for this week using one of Barbara Jensen's images - Little Mermaid.

I should have taken more photos.. There isn't much here that isn't pieced. I handcut and crafted the underwater scene.. just hoping that it looked like a coral reef LOL I used my Copics to add shading and detail to all of the items as well as coloring the Little Mermaid. I added some sand and detail touches with my black millennium. I also added a little bit of stickles to add a little shimmer. For the final touch I added the "Sea You Soon" sentiment.

Another week is gone and still no word from Immigration. We will see what happens next week. If we don't hear anything I will be reaching out to the attorney again. I really hope we hear something soon. Today, we head off to church for the 10:30 am sermon. It is the church's 25th anniversary, so I'm sure they are planning something special. We will see soon enough. I hope you all have a wonderful day/evening and may your week be wonderful!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Braces Off

Yesterday was work like usual, but I left work around noon to get Michael to the Orthodontist to get his braces off!! Almost three years he has had those on and I couldn't be more excited that they are off. I think Kevin is more excited than anyone LOL Michael feels good about getting them off, but his gums are really bad so he is going to have to really concentrate on brushing and flossing with no braces so we can get his gums healthy again.

He goes back to the Orthodontist in a week to get his retainer. Then his regular dentist wants to see him two weeks after the braces come off so he can assess the gums and see if they are going down or if we need to do anything. Even with his gums all swollen, he looks so good :)  Really glad all that metal is gone!

I mailed off the photo album and a bunch of papers to Kevin yesterday. He is going to need that when he goes for his interview at the consulate. I'm trying to get everything together and to him so we don't have to worry about anything when the time comes. It takes two weeks for the mail to arrive there!!

My other bit of news that I've been sitting on for a bit is that I was asked to join the MelJen Design Team!! And I couldn't be more excited to be a part of that group. And I'm excited to get to know the other ladies and get started with those fantastic images!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate being asked to be a part of the team.

Now, I am on three MAGNIFICENT teams and I am thoroughly enjoying my time with each of them. I look forward to the months ahead of creating and learning so much from my team members!!

Taylor... I think I've talked to Taylor more in since I dropped her off at college last Friday, since she moved out of the house in May. The difference I would say is that she is truly on her own now. She was complaining about all of the freshman mandatory meetings and the curfew. LOL I have to laugh.. The main reason she moved out was because of her midnight curfew. Now, her curfew is 10:00 pm in the dorms. You just have to love how things come back around. She is tired of the mandatory meetings, fire drills.. she says to me last night... "Why can't they just leave me alone and let me do what I want to do!".  They have had meetings on Resume building, history of the school and Dahlonega, the fire drill LOL and of course the hall meetings. What she needs to do is embrace it... this will only happen once in her life and she needs to enjoy it and meet new people. I'm hoping that she will! And of course she has needs.. she needs her contacts.. which just came in the mail yesterday. She also needs Microsoft Office.. I have 2007 that she can use since I have taken it off of this computer and replaced it with 2012.  So that is that.

I did not go to Michael and Bailey's open house last night at school. It was a long day with the braces and everything. I will be contacting all of their teachers though. And that was my day... A good day. It has been a good week really!

I went and saw our VP/CIO to speak with him about some changes and just let him know I didn't want to get lost in the mix. Anyway.. I've been trying to get a promotion/raise for a year now. They are hiring my co-part at a higher pay rate/different title. So I told him it bothered me. I have been the one person that has stuck around and weathered through all of the changes and never lost a beat. I always go about and beyond and the Directors/VPs know that they can count on me whenever they need me.  So, I spoke with him on Thursday... took Taylor to school on Friday and when I came in on Monday I had a call from Human Resources. I just figured she needed me for something.. that is usually why they call me LOL It's good to know that even people in other departments know they can call me for things though.. Means they know they can count on me. To my surprise though it was not because she needed me, but to congratulate me and let me know that I had gotten that promotion and a bit of a raise. He took care of me right away.. I wish I had gone to him a year ago LOL  Hey.. at least its done now. So between that and the braces and getting the package mailed off to Kevin.. It has been a really good week. Now if we would just hear from Immigration it would be perfect :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Nothing from Immigration

So we are a couple of weeks past the five month mark and we are still waiting on Immigration. The attorney did contact them a couple of weeks ago and they said they were running three to four weeks behind. That puts us another week or two out I believe.

Kevin is having a hard time for the past few days. We have had trouble with the internet working well (his wireless) and the waiting is really getting to him. Not to mention that there is really nothing for him to do. Everything we do cost money and we are trying to save as much as we can. It is really hard having him like this and knowing there is nothing I can do. I try to be careful about what I talk about. I know he is stressed and down about everything. And it is really hard, really frustrating. He has no one near him, so he is alone. I miss him and I would do anything to make the time pass. He has been more than patient through all of this and I know it is hard on him, as it is hard on me too and I'm surrounded by kids, a dog and cats. I really hope we hear something soon.

I worked on a card for the past couple of days. At was using a specific hot air balloon image. I added some additional balloons to it:

I used all scrap papers that I had. I inked clouds behind the balloons on the white, but it is really hard to see because it is pretty light. I colored all the balloons with my Prismacolor pencils. I printed the 'Just Flying By To Say Hello' onto the banner.. The font was Scriptorama Hostess JF. The orange paper already had an emboss to it and I added the emboss to the green behind. I popped the balloons into different layers to give them depth. The front balloon that is brown is from Fresh Brewed and that is the challenge image. All of the other images were freebie images from Birds Cards.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Blues

I can't believe it is Monday morning already. It feels like I was just taking Taylor to school!

Today begins a new challenge at Tammy's Scrapin Corner

This week's challenge is Challenge #24: Anything Goes. For this challenge I used a Stitchy Bears Digi Stamp:  "Little Friends". I love this image... I'm a huge animal lover.. Tigers are my favorite animal.. always has been :)  I would just read about them for no reason at all. And I still love them as much now as I ever did as a kid. I just think they are the most beautiful, majestic creatures. I digress.. LOL Onto the card!

I used scrap papers for this.. my Prismacolor Pencils with some Gamsol for some extra blending. I did some embossing lines on the side and top of that middle white piece. .. well.. thats it.. Pretty simple card.. I wanted the main focus to be on the animals.


On Sunday morning the kids and I headed to church in the morning. It is always a good sermon there. I really enjoy going to the church. Now if I can just make the move to get a little more involved. I'm tried a couple of times with no success. I will try again soon.

After church we had to either go get my mother's vacuum or buy a vacuum since mine died. On the way to my mother's I made the decision to just go ahead and spend the money. We really need a vacuum in this home.. it is the three of us plus the dog and two cats. We went to have some lunch to waste some time and then on to Sears for a vacuum. After Sears we had to run into Walmart for a little bit of shopping and then home. Kevin was up early to watch the motorcycle race. After the race he went to lay down for a little bit longer. The kids and I did some clean up and used the new vacuum. The kids were really great today.. we had an exceptional day with then not arguing with me about chores or anything. We got a lot done and the place looks so much better.  I also worked on a card.. I got the images colored LOL That's it! So, the plan is to get the card together this morning and finish it after work if I still need to work on it.

Taylor came by last night.. her friend and her came down for something.. a GPS from her father. Her father wouldn't allow her to take it though, so Taylor called me asking if she could borrow mine. It is my little hand held GPS that we used for Geocaching. I told her she could come and pick it up along with the stapler that she forgot. They had to be back up to the school by 10 pm. It was about 7:45 pm or so when they left. It takes a little less than two hours to get back up there. She has her first class in the morning. I hope she buckles down and does what she needs to do to be successful.

I hope you all have a great day! I'm off to work.. another day.. another week beginning.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Taylor Off To College... OSAAT Challenge #127

Good morning everyone! Today begins a new challenge at One Stitch At A Time! The theme for Challenge #127 is Back To School. I used Image 'Yo' by Barbara Jensen.

I used several different papers and lettering. I colored the image with my Prismacolor Pencils. The papers are Numbers and Letters by Echo Park, Composition Book by Pinecone Press Papers, I don't know what the grid paper is.. but I love it. The card is made of Kraft. The ruler was on one of the papers and I punched the two holes in it. The "Back" was from some stickers from Michaels Reflections line. The '2' is a Thicker and the School was a random item from my stash. I also used Gamsol on my coloring to help blend. I popped the letters and numbers paper and I also popped the image and then I pieced the hand and popped it out a bit more. I love this image.. I think she is adorable. Thanks for taking a look! I can't wait to see what you can come up with now!


Friday morning I took my oldest to college. We went to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things for her and then headed on our way to Dahlonega, Georgia. It was a good ride up. Takes us about an hour and a half to two hours I guess. The school is North Georgia College and State University. They are changing their name to North Georgia University soon I believe. So, she moved into the dorms on Friday. She starts classes either Monday or Tuesday. Her roommate seems really nice. She is from North Georgia and she has some ribbons from showing sheep and cow. She is also good at English, her mother is a high school english teacher, she is a nursing major. Taylor should be able to help her some of the medical stuff and hopefully Taylor can get some help from her on the english/writing side of things. Should be a good trade off. I met her parents. They were very country and really nice. They are all snug and tight in that dorm room! I really hope that she will enjoy her time at school and really focus on doing what she needs to do.

Her friend is up there with her as well as her boyfriend. I'm not really keen on her friend.. never have been. This girl is obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe, she is a very dark person. Taylor and I went to lunch and she said that she couldn't wait to meet this girls roommate. She said if she is a good, god fearing girl (not in so many words) that her friend will go way out of her way to scare her, even bringing out her demonology book. I looked at Taylor and said.. And you wonder why I have never liked your friend. Anyway... God has already intervened in her life and she doesn't realize it. She is in a separate dorm from her friend and her boyfriend. She will be able to get to know new people. She doesn't have the same classes as her friend or boyfriend either. So their schedules will be different and they will not have a lot of time to hang out. God is wonderful. I will keep her in my prayers. I hope that she will do well.

This is Taylor in her dorm trying to unpack and get her stuff where it needs to go.

This is right outside of her dorm; looking at her building.

This is looking right down the middle. They are really crammed in there.

This is Taylor's side of the room.. her bed and then underneath is her desk and the two three drawer dressers stacked on top of each other. They each have a wardrobe too and her roomate brought a futon which is under her bed on the other side. And the little fridge near the door.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schools Back In...

Yes.. school started back on Monday... Work is killing me LOL and I haven't had much scrapping time. I get home and I'm exhausted.

Both kids are in middle school this year.. they get on the bus at 8:45 am and they don't get home until about 4:50 pm. I stayed home on Monday to see that they were off to school okay and didn't miss the bus. Everything seemed to go well. When they came in the door that evening you would have thought they hadn't eaten for days!! They were both at the refrigerator before the backpack was even off their backs LOL!! I'm really hoping I can keep Michael on track this year. I think Bailey will do alright. Here is hoping for a good year and passing grades!

At work they can't seem to keep anyone in the position opposite of mine. I'm beginning to get a complex!! I don't think I'm really hard to work with.. I keep to myself.. I'm a bit quiet.. not a huge social lite LOL I promise I shower and I don't stink!! I don't know what is going on!! So, it is just me and right now I'm supporting seven people!! And it is way too much LOL I'm working 12.5 hour days and when I get home I'm exhausted. Now.. It would help if I went to bed a bit earlier.. I need the kids to follow my directions and go to bed when I tell them to. Oh.. and do the chores that I ask them to do .. when I ask them to do it!!

Friday I have taken the day off to take Taylor to North Georgia State College and University!! She will be starting her freshman year of college. I pray for her every day that she will be safe and successful. I really hope she will meet some new.. good friends. I hope that she will focus on what she needs to and keep her priorities straight. We will see how it goes. I'm a little disappointed in the way she is... I think it is her age though. She is 18.. moved out this past May because she didn't want to follow the rules. Well... she really expects a lot. And when I give her something she needs or wants, I don't really get a thank you. She doesn't show much gratitude. I don't get it. I really hope it is her age and that she will look back one day and appreciate what we have done for her.

My crafting has been neglected the past couple of days.. but I have been working on items for my DT commitments.. which can't be posted yet LOL It feels good to be ahead though. I'm not ahead in one of them and I need to get to work. I have one image ready to go and I'm going to work on it in the morning! LOL I know I can I know I can I know I can!

Wow.. Look at baby Michael... Grade 1!!! I can't believe it! LOL Poor boy.. he hated school then too.

And here they are Monday... Bailey.. 6th grader.. Could she be more tomboy? LOL  Ughhhhh...

And that little Michael up there!!!  Well.. this is Michael now.. My 8th grader! And hating me taking pictures LOL!
And he gets his braces off soon! I thought it was this week LOL but I can't remember what day! I really need to call tomorrow!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tammy's A Day for Daisies and Eureka Stamps

Today begins a new challenge at Tammy's Scrapin Corner

The theme this week is Challenge #23 - 8-13-2012 - Add Some Flowers!  Here is my first card using Hummingbird by A Day For Daisies. What better way to add some flowers than with an adorable hummingbird.
I used my Darice embossing folder to emboss dots on the light blue paper behind the hummingbird. I used a Sketchabilities to cut that paper. I used my EK punch on the black paper. All of the papers were from my scrap box.. which isn't any less.. I think it reproduces LOL The flowers were made with My Favorite Things dies (yes they are my favorite LOL) many different dies. The leaves are different dies. I glittered the edges of some of the flowers. I used glitter on the neck of the hummingbird as well. I colored him with Copics. I should have written down the colors..I can't remember. And I stitched around the edge with green thread.
The second card I did for this challenge:
The image is from Eureka Stamps - 'Friends Are'. I colored the hearts and dots with Copic. I used all scraps.. inked the edges of the white with black ink. I wet and crumbled the black paper. I used ribbon and pearls from my stash and made the three flowers with rolled roses from My Favorite Things. I also stitched around the edges. Simple card.. well.. simple for me LOL Tip: When crumbling cardstock to make it all distressed and wrinkled, wet it thoroughly first. It makes it much easier to crumble up without ripping. Then just lay it out, flatten it a bit and let it dry thoroughly.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

OSAAT Post!!

Good morning everyone! I am so excited to be posting my first post for One Stitch At A Time! I am having a blast making cards for them!! This weeks Challenge is:

Challenge #126 Anything Goes and freebies

One lucky winner the chance to win this awesome colab image set.
Here it is
Here is my card for Challenge #126:

I used all Bazzill for this in brown.. the strips on the first part are all different fabric with brown blossoms from Prima. I used pearls for the centers. The random leather strap and the buckle.. I have no idea where I got those.. they are from my stash from long ago LOL I used twine for rope, several different fonts for the title and colored the image with Copic. I popped several parts of her to make her more 3D. And thats it!! And the wonderful digi stamp is Cowgirl Too! - Beary Dust.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Giveaway and What's Been Up

There is an amazing giveaway at A Mermaids Crafts .. If you aren't a follower then you don't know what you are missing :)  And the giveaway... well.. It is amazing in itself!
1 set of Spellbinders Labels 18 Dies
1 Cricut Rock Princess Cart
1 Quick Kutz Geometric Circles Embossing Folder
1 6x6 My Mind's Eye All Spice Paper Pad
So make sure you run on by there and join and get in on the great giveaway! 
The last few days have been busy. I have been crazy at work, plus the kids start back to school on Monday. Bailey will start the 6th grade this year and Michael will try to survive the 8th grade! I can't believe he is almost in High School. We have been hustling to try to get school supplies all set. Thursday late afternoon was the meet and greet at the middle school. First, we had no water at the apartments.. it has been out for numerous hours for a couple of days. There was a leak or something that was being fixed. The kids hadn't taken a shower by the time I got home at about 1:30 pm. There was no water and they both really needed a wash LOL. They also needed a haircut.. so I ran them across the street and had them wash their hair and cut it. That took care of dirty hair! The best thing was that the hair dresser that Michael had completely made him look like Justin Bieber. Bailey and I were cracking up!!  Michael was completely mortified LOL!!! After the hair cuts I went next door to the AT&T store.. I wanted to see about upgrading Bailey's phone. It was a little bit of a late birthday present. She was happy... the guy figured out I was paying for too many minutes... so that made the cost less.. which allowed them to talk me into paying for a data plan for Bailey since it would be a wash. So... she got a nice new phone and I got it for really cheap... $.99 LOL! Woot!
After all of that we went to the school and went straight to Bailey's homeroom.. I filled out the information page and then we left.. walked to all of her classes and then went to find Michael's homeroom. He knew his homeroom teacher.. so he got his schedule.. and we were on our way back home. The problem during all of this was that I was missing the women's soccer match!! Bad timing LOL So, we hurried home and I got to the see the last part of the game. 
Today was a day of running around. All of the kids had dentist's appointments this morning. We took care of that and then headed to Office Max for the last of the school supplies... Then we did a little bit of grocery shopping at Walmart. I had to make a quick run to Publix for just a couple of things, but I think I am all done with the running. I shouldn't have to go any where this weekend.. I couldn't be more excited!!  Finally!! a weekend to just be home and chill!
Thats it!! I finished a card, but I can't share it LOL It won't go live until September :p  I'll be working on some things tomorrow.. hopefully I will have something to post!! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Favorite Sports

I just can't express how much I love the Olympics. I look forward to it every two years. I find such joy watching all of these athletes who have worked so hard for so long participate in these events. And they are so peaceful and kind to each other. I just love it!

I do have my favorite sports.. I am REALLY enjoying the women's soccer, volleyball and beach volleyball. Those are three of my favorite all time sports! And they are doing so well! It is so exciting!! I really enjoyed watching the archery competition this year too! Who knew! I always enjoy watching the swimming competitions, but there are just so many swimming events! I even enjoyed watching some of the outdoor bicycle races this year.

Sports I don't understand... Tennis.. maybe if I understood it a bit more I might enjoy it better? Maybe.. I just don't know LOL Judo.. what is Judo all about? I thought it was a martial arts competition, but it seems to be more wrestling to me.. I found it very odd. And then there are those that I can watch a little bit of them, but then I get restless LOL They would be the water polo, hockey type games. Oh and basketball.. We have amazing basketball teams, but I have a hard time sitting there watching them. Basketball just doesn't do it for me. Then there are those that I just can't watch.. I tried.. I really did!!  Badminton, Table Tennis, Synchronized Swimming. Now, don't get me wrong.. these athletes are still amazing and I know they have all trained so hard.. Just not my cup of tea.

What would I like to see?  Hmm.... Grid Iron.. good ole American Football!! Now wouldn't that be fun LOL! Grueling Rugby.. now that would be fun! And what are they bringing to Rio?? I think they are bringing Rugby to Rio.. I'm not positive.. but I believe they are bring Golf. Yuck! LOL I will watch paint dry thank you.. LOL No.. I'm not a golfer.. and I can't imagine sitting there and watching it. I know I know.. another great sport.. again! Just not my cup of tea ;)

So what about you? What are your favorites... least favorites... want a sport added?

Here is a card I've worked on for a couple of days.. I've figured out that I can only seem to get a card finished every other day during the week. It is just too hard to get anything more done when you work all day. It doesn't help that the Olympics are on and a lot of my time is spent looking at the TV LOL!!

I used a bunch of scraps that I had..Basic Grey, Oh Baby! Boy. The planets are Itty Bitty from the Unity Stamp Company. It is called Solar Elem.. and I just love that stamp! the "You're Out Of This World" is from Market Street Stamps - Blast Off. I stitched on this card.. I colored the planets with my Prismacolor Pencils. I used my Brilliance Graphite Black to stamp the sentiment. That's it.. pretty simple card.


Monday, August 6, 2012

A New Day... A New Challenge

Today begins a new challenge
The theme this week is Challenge #22 - Show Us Your Bling!  Here is my card using Bugaboo: Theodore - Birthday Sign. Have I told you how much I ADORE Bugaboo images!!! I just L-O-V-E them! So here is my card:

I love Theodore! He is adorable!  I used my Prismacolor Pencils to color the image. The papers are all scraps from my stash. Rhinestones from my stash, the triangles are brads from my stash and I edged around the white with a copic marker. I used one of my Nestabilities to cut that. I also used my millenium to detail a bit that didn't look too great. I did some paper piecing as usual LOL I popped the head and arms so it really gave the dimension that he was behind the words. I popped the Happy as well and I double popped the gift so that it stood out a little further from Happy to truly give it the look that it was in front of it. And that is that! I hope you enjoy!! Make sure to stop by Bugaboo... You will find some really great images there for everything!


And I hope you enjoy my teammates cards as much as I do!! I can't believe the talent that I get to work with.. I am so blessed! I get to learn something new from them all the time!! And I don't think they even know it ;) Or how much I appreciate all them and being part of their team!!

So, I'm off to work for another day. Oh please please please let us hear something this week from immigration. The 12th will be exactly five months and we are almost there! I hate not hearing anything at all.. it is so frustrating! Just silence and you wait and wait and wonder. *sigh* Soon..  I hope you all have a wonderful day/evening! I appreciate you all so much.. I love seeing your comments and then going to visit your blogs as well!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unproductive Today!

It has just been one of those days where I had all intentions of getting all kinds of things done and I don't feel like I got anything done!  I guess we all have days like that.. well most of us LOL!

This morning I got up and spent my morning with Kevin. We have been watching the Olympics together each morning. As best we can LOL He was watching the Marathon this morning and I was trying to watch tennis. I just don't get tennis.. I don't get the scoring or anything.. it is all confusing. So, Kevin was trying to explain it to me the best he could without being here watching it with me. I think I do understand it a little better. Anyway.. he was telling me what was happening in the marathon and I was asking him questions about the tennis match LOL

Then, it was time to get ready for church. I woke the kids.. who had a hard time rolling out of bed this morning. They are taking advantage of the fact that I can't stay awake late. They are staying up way too late! I'm going to have to turn the wireless off so they can't get online and set my alarm so that I can wake up and make sure they are going to bed. They did finally get moving and dressed and off to church we went. It was a good sermon.. all about being one as a community. He has a way about him.. he explains what he is talking about, he is explains the history and then he takes the lesson and explains it in a way that makes it current.. something of today and it all just falls into place. I really enjoy listing and learning from him. There was a lady behind us and as we were leaving she says that she can tell I really love my kids and that its nice that I am always hugging them or holding their hand LOL I'm such a touchy feely person... but hey.. that's me!

We came home and I had good intentions to make a card today. I went through the blogger posts.. I cleared off my desk a bit and didn't get anything done. The phone rang about noon and it was my mother. We headed over to her place and she had me ride with her to the gas station. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to pump the gas with her broken wrist. Poor thing.. She figured out it wasn't that hard with her left hand to pump gas. Then it was back to her place to mow the grass. This was Michael's first time ever mowing grass.. I was so excited! He needs the practice LOL He did great.. although my mother is impatient and was telling him to move it LOL I forgot to bring the camera, so I had to take photos with my phone. Bailey and I cut up cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and celery for her salad she wanted to make and then Bailey did the few dishes she had there. My mother again showed her impatience by pushing Bailey along .. as she wasn't fast enough doing those dishes!! My mother said she could have done them faster with her one hand LOL Gotta love her ;)

Home again!! I'm going to work on a card now!!  Nope.. wrong.. more looking at blogs... reading emails.. cleaning up the desk a bit more LOL I'm not sure what my issue was.. tired I think! I finally decided on some scrap papers and stamp... I have a lot of the card done and I'll finish it up in the morning. I did get some dishes done.. Ummm.. I think I put a few things away in the kitchen.. but WOW! Overall, I was really lazy and unproductive today LOL I think I should have taken a nap!

Have you seen the previews for the new show that will be starting soon... Revolution? It really interests me.. I think I will have to watch it and see how it is. It is something different... peaks my interest for sure. Anything that is peaking your interest?

Alright.. I'm off for the night.. I really need to get to bed and get some rest! Darn Olympics!! They will keep me up again LOL It's all their fault ;)

For several years my kids played soccer. They really seemed to enjoy it.. especially the girls. Michael only liked it when I was the coach. Oh... he could drive you mad that kid LOL He would pout when someone got the ball from him or he didn't do something correctly. He would just stop. He is an extra sensitive kid.. even today LOL

This was one of Taylor's teams... she had a lot of fun!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Volunteer Day

We headed out early this morning to volunteer at the Back To School fair that was put on by the Marietta Housing Authority and our church, Mount Paran North. We got there bright and early to help with set up. There were quite a few people there helping out. Michael started to give me attitude at one point, but I made my stand and made him do what needed to be done. After that, we had a really good day. I think it is really good for my two to get involved in more things like this. They really need to see what it is to really need and to give back to those that don't have much or are sick and suffering. I have always tried to raise my kids in a way that teaches them compassion and it is really important to me to make that an important thing in their life. I want them to always give back, show compassion and show others what the love of the Lord can do. And to teach others that the Lord loves them too.

We left at about 9:30 am and headed to my mother's house. We were all glad to sit in the car for a minute and get off of our feet LOL We went to mom's so that Michael could mow her grass. My mother thought that the grass was a bit too wet to mow today, so we will go back over tomorrow after church to see if it is any better. Mom is a bit whiny from her broken wrist. LOL I love her! She has a hard time doing things though, since it is her right arm and she is right handed. She says it wears her out.

We have gone another whole week with no word from the immigration department. I'm sure hoping we hear something next week. The 12th of August will be exactly five months since they received our application. 

Today, I worked on a card.... I can only seem to get one finished a day LOL

I used scrap paper.. Kraft paper and patterned.. four different patterned papers and I made the flowers out of the same patterned papers. The lettering?? I have no idea.. in my stash LOL, rhinestones, doodling with my Milennium, sewing with the sewing machine with green thread and coloring with Copics YG13, YG23, E30, 331, E33, BG0000, BG10, V12, V15, V17.

 Not sure why I can't get these two pictures up right!  Really annoying me :p

Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Am I The Way I Am

A couple of things happened today that make me take a look at myself. First, I had a neighbor that lived downstairs.. two levels. They moved out a couple of weekends ago and she had two garages that she rented. She managed to get one of them emptied, but the other one she couldn't get done. So, she asked me if I would mind putting the garage in my name and she would keep it for a couple of months and then get it emptied. Now, they really don't know me all that well, but apparently enough to know that I have a hard time saying no. So, she handed over $95 and I told her I would do it. Why can I not say no? I really hate that quality in me. It really opens that people taking advantage of you situation. I can say no if I have to, but I don't do it nearly enough. I get in trouble for that a lot at work LOL Taking on too much. Anyway.. back to the story... Today I went down to the office and told her that I needed to switch that garage into my name. And the manager says to me.. you know you don't have to do that. I know I know.. but I have a hard time saying no. So I ask... When can I cancel it? She proceeds to tell me that I have to keep it until my lease runs out. That is February of next year!! I looked at her and said.. Oh yes.. Ummm.. I can't do that. I head home and I tried to call the lady. Her phone went straight to voice mail. I called her son and told him the situation and told him to have his mother call me. She hasn't called me yet.

Also this morning my oldest daughter calls me crying. She says tuition is due and she still owes a lot of money. I'm trying to be strong and hold my ground with her, but when she calls all crying and not sure what to do I feel bad. But I really need to stay strong... she did choose to move out and become an adult. She is the one that decided she didn't want to follow the rules at home. I still feel bad when she is all weepy... So, I told her to go to my bank and see what they could do. It is a credit union... but they don't do student loans. So, I called Sallie Mae and had the three of us on the phone. She gave all of her information, but failed to get approved. So, I gave in and put my name on it. I'm not sure if it is approved yet. She had to get a copy of her drivers license and social security card over to them. On the one hand, I want to help her! She is my daughter and she needs help. On the other hand, she chose to move out and be an adult so she needs to figure things out like an adult would... right?

Well.. I really need to talk to Kevin about all of this. I just hate to add any extra stress on him. I know he is stressed about all of this immigration stuff and some papers that we need and can't seem to get what they want. It's all frustrating stuff, but we will figure it out. I'm a glass half full kind of girl LOL Most of the time.. I try to look at the good.. Kevin is more of a glass half empty kind of a guy... And I love him for it.

Enough of that.. I'm off to bed... tomorrow morning we do the volunteer with the church. We are on the backpack station! So we will be hooking up some kids with some backpacks for school! I will be getting the kids up at around 5 am. It will be a really early start for them! Goodnight!

My sister with the kids years ago! Taylor looks like she is about 12 yrs old or so. She is 18 now. My sister has long hair here... Her hair is short now :)

Finally Friday

Good morning everyone! It is finally Friday! I will be spending my day making some cards I hope! No plans to go out anywhere.. although I will probably go at lunch time for a swim at the gym. I'm trying to get back to the gym.. It's hard to keep motivated! I can come up with all kinds of excuses to not go... I mean, I have kids, they need to be fed, errands that need to be run, grocery shopping, cleaning up, and the list is endless. So I'm really trying to push myself and get moving again.

I also need to bring Michael over to his grandmother's to mow the lawn. He has never mowed the lawn before, no time like the present to learn! hehe We may do that tomorrow morning after our volunteering too. Just not sure about the timing... we will see how the day goes. My mother broke her wrist when her and my sister went to France. She tripped and fell going out of the hotel the first night they were there. She wouldn't go to a doctor there, so she waited until almost two weeks after it happened to go see a doctor. The doctor was going to put her in a cast, but she pleaded with him and he ended up putting her in a brace. She goes back in a month. We will see how good she has been with it and if it is healing properly.

There is a new Challenge Blog starting up...  Cut It Up ... Be sure to go over and check it out! They have a really awesome giveaway going on for their new followers. I'm always excited about new challenges hehehe  I wouldn't miss it! They will have their first challenge starting on September 7th! I'll see you there!

Here is a Miss You Friend card...

Let's see.. rick rack, rubons (Miss You and Friend), scrap paper, the Hi was from paint and foam stamp staples. Thats about it. Simple card.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Hump Day.. Half Way There

This Saturday we will be up at the crack of dawn and helping our church set up and run a school supply giveaway. They will be giving backpacks and school supplies, haircuts, eyes, ears, and teeth exams for kids in the community that need the assistance. I'm very excited to help out and more importantly get the kids involved in some giving back to the community. Bailey and Michael will both be going with me. Just say a little prayer that Michael will really help out and not be his lazy self. He is the laziest person I know LOL and he is my kid! Ughh frustrating!!

It's been an interesting time at work. I've been doing two jobs.. working quite a bit of overtime each week for quite a few months now. The lady that was out on sick leave has come back, but it was such a mess when she left that they are having me gradually give her work back to her. I'm really hesitant giving it back to her too. Part of it is selfish though.. that is just that I've learned so much and cleaned it up and changed the process so that it works better that I just hate to give it up! I also support four Executive Directors.. well I did.. I am now the only one so I will be supporting all of the Executive Directors... eight of them.. and soon to be three VP's. I'm thinking that is just not going to happen LOL AND! on top of that they wanted me to go help out another VP who had her Admin quit. I'm thinking I'm only one.. and that is really stretching me a bit thin. Hopefully we can find someone good to come in and help out. This will be the fourth Admin we will have been through. That's life! I have an awesome boss, so I'm not complaining.. although I'm still waiting on that raise she promised me!

We are now in August and I'm patiently.. Okay.. maybe a bit impatiently... waiting on immigration to let us know something. I know it is getting really hard on Kevin. We just want this waiting to be over. It will be five months on the 12th of August. I'm going to get a box ready to send over to him with the album that I worked on and some other things that need to go. I pray every day that the time will be over and that we can be together again and get this family back to normal. Hopefully soon...

School starts in a couple of weeks. They start back on the 13th of August. I can't wait!! LOL  Summer vacation in the US is just WAY too long!!! Not to mention that they forget everything they have learned. I have managed to get some supplies for Bailey. We still need to go shopping for some pants and Michael needs his supplies. Sneak a Peek is next Thursday. We will go in and meet the teachers.. see where the classes are. Bailey is very excited since she will be starting middle school. I can't believe she will be in the 6th grade! And Michael will be starting the 8th grade! Boy do they grow up so fast!

Me.. I've been enjoying the Olympics.. I have it on my laptop at work, on the tv at home.. I even put the snooze on the TV so I am falling asleep to it LOL I LOVE the Olympics.. and I am really enjoying them online as well.  It's really been great! I hope you all are enjoying it as well! I watched a young girl from Iraq today competing in Archery. It made me get all teary eyed watching her.. With a big smile on her face. It was wonderful to see.

Today I finished up a card I've been working on since yesterday. Its my hot chocolate Warmest Wishes :)

I used scrap papers, fussy cut free images of snowflakes, The Art Glittering System - Brown and Crystal, Stitching on the sewing machine, the wonderful image is from MelJens Designs and it was colored using Copics. I also used my Zig Millenium to add some detailing like the steam lines and popped the penguin. I used dies for the circle and scalloped circle. I used a punch for the smaller snowflakes.