Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unproductive Today!

It has just been one of those days where I had all intentions of getting all kinds of things done and I don't feel like I got anything done!  I guess we all have days like that.. well most of us LOL!

This morning I got up and spent my morning with Kevin. We have been watching the Olympics together each morning. As best we can LOL He was watching the Marathon this morning and I was trying to watch tennis. I just don't get tennis.. I don't get the scoring or anything.. it is all confusing. So, Kevin was trying to explain it to me the best he could without being here watching it with me. I think I do understand it a little better. Anyway.. he was telling me what was happening in the marathon and I was asking him questions about the tennis match LOL

Then, it was time to get ready for church. I woke the kids.. who had a hard time rolling out of bed this morning. They are taking advantage of the fact that I can't stay awake late. They are staying up way too late! I'm going to have to turn the wireless off so they can't get online and set my alarm so that I can wake up and make sure they are going to bed. They did finally get moving and dressed and off to church we went. It was a good sermon.. all about being one as a community. He has a way about him.. he explains what he is talking about, he is explains the history and then he takes the lesson and explains it in a way that makes it current.. something of today and it all just falls into place. I really enjoy listing and learning from him. There was a lady behind us and as we were leaving she says that she can tell I really love my kids and that its nice that I am always hugging them or holding their hand LOL I'm such a touchy feely person... but hey.. that's me!

We came home and I had good intentions to make a card today. I went through the blogger posts.. I cleared off my desk a bit and didn't get anything done. The phone rang about noon and it was my mother. We headed over to her place and she had me ride with her to the gas station. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to pump the gas with her broken wrist. Poor thing.. She figured out it wasn't that hard with her left hand to pump gas. Then it was back to her place to mow the grass. This was Michael's first time ever mowing grass.. I was so excited! He needs the practice LOL He did great.. although my mother is impatient and was telling him to move it LOL I forgot to bring the camera, so I had to take photos with my phone. Bailey and I cut up cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and celery for her salad she wanted to make and then Bailey did the few dishes she had there. My mother again showed her impatience by pushing Bailey along .. as she wasn't fast enough doing those dishes!! My mother said she could have done them faster with her one hand LOL Gotta love her ;)

Home again!! I'm going to work on a card now!!  Nope.. wrong.. more looking at blogs... reading emails.. cleaning up the desk a bit more LOL I'm not sure what my issue was.. tired I think! I finally decided on some scrap papers and stamp... I have a lot of the card done and I'll finish it up in the morning. I did get some dishes done.. Ummm.. I think I put a few things away in the kitchen.. but WOW! Overall, I was really lazy and unproductive today LOL I think I should have taken a nap!

Have you seen the previews for the new show that will be starting soon... Revolution? It really interests me.. I think I will have to watch it and see how it is. It is something different... peaks my interest for sure. Anything that is peaking your interest?

Alright.. I'm off for the night.. I really need to get to bed and get some rest! Darn Olympics!! They will keep me up again LOL It's all their fault ;)

For several years my kids played soccer. They really seemed to enjoy it.. especially the girls. Michael only liked it when I was the coach. Oh... he could drive you mad that kid LOL He would pout when someone got the ball from him or he didn't do something correctly. He would just stop. He is an extra sensitive kid.. even today LOL

This was one of Taylor's teams... she had a lot of fun!

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