Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Day and Giveaway LOL I rhymed!

Good morning all my fellow onliners and bloggers and such. My new word.. Onliners LOL Brings back memories.. my kids and their makeup words.. We had Taylor who made up the word Poinky.. which we still use today. You know when your hair grows out on your legs and its stubble .. well .. it's poinky!! LOL Love that word... then we have Michael who gave us Chalky Milk .. which was suppose to be Chocolate Milk, but didn't come out that way. So, if you are ever at my house and you want chocolate milk don't you dare ask for it by name LOL It is Chalky Milk in this house ;) Last but not least is the lovely Bailey.. You see, we don't have a Refrigerator in our house, but we do have a Flijalator! Okay.. on to my true purpose for this morning.

A fellow crafter.. Crafting Vicky.. who I adore and admire and I think she is AWESOME! is having a giveaway for her friends. Vicky is a team member with me on a couple of Design Teams and I think she is great :)  She is very talented and I know you would enjoy following her as much as I enjoy it!! So visit Vicky at her blog, Crafting Vicky!

Look at all the awesome charms! How fun!! That Eiffel tower will go great with my sister and mother's trip to France. And the Christmas tree and snowflake.. well.. those will look GREAT on my Christmas cards. That Hope! Well that would go on my sister's Breast Cancer mini. Yes.. I am.. I am already planning what I will be using them on !! LOL Hey.. doesn't hurt to have some positive thinking!!

One more giveaway to tell you about:


This one is for Washi Tape from Purple Pumpkin. Go check it out!

And One last awesome giveaway.. I don't know about you, but I LOVE Lili of the Valley!! So here you go:

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

900 followers candy!

Well as I mentioned yesterday, amazingly I've now gone over 900 followers... how did that happen eh?!
As a little celebration and thank you to you all, I thought a little candy was in order.  So here it is....

This awesome giveaway is at Wishcraft .. another awesome blog I follow :)  So go check it out! I know you will love it too as much as I do.. and a chance to win Lili of the Valley!! That's a dream!!!

One last thing... You have to go here to Quilltique Paradise .. Wow!! I don't even know what to say... her work is amazing!!!


Crafting Vicky said...

Thank you so much sweetie for putting this up on your blog :D I noticed that you had not put your name in the linky... does it not work? Please let me know if there's a problem with it since this is my 1st time using one lol

Here's hoping to your winning and using them :D

Your kids words are so sweet. It's so fun when they do that. But that one for the refrigerator seems awfully complicated to pronounce lol

Unknown said...

LOL No.. that's me just not getting back over there.. and running late to work LOL Oh well :p

Quilltique Paradise said...

OMG~~ I just came here to thank you for ur lovely comments u left in my blog and as I was browsing through ur posts to find a good place to tell you I spot my blog means a loot to me honestly to even have you as a visitor~
Thank you again for following me and being such a nice supporter.
See ya around.~


Joey said...

Hi Susan, those brads are actually card candi, I absolutely love them, here in the UK, I get them from My Mums Craft Shop, but if you type card candi into your search engine it should give you stockists everywhere :) Joey xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Susan, I have a birthday candy giveaway if you want to join in...luv annie