Friday, July 13, 2012

An Odd Day

It is past my bedtime LOL! But here I am. I spent the morning with Kevin and it was a good morning. I worked from home this morning so there was no worry about having to get ready and run out the door to work. Just have my laptop, log into work and I get to visit with Kevin. I love my Fridays after a long week at work.

I had some errands to run today, but we didn't leave until about 1:30 pm. I did have to work, so I couldn't just run and spend the day out. I had to go to the courthouse in Marietta. It's only about 15 minutes away from home.. if that. I had some paperwork I had to sign at the Child Support Services office. My ex has moved to California and there was something they needed me to sign. First we went to the wrong office only to be sent across the street. When we arrived, I told her that I was there to sign something. The woman made me fill out a form! There is something seriously wrong with me having to complete a full form just to come in and sign something that THEY want me to sign. LOL She also needed my license .. I guess to make sure it was me. I signed the paperwork and then had to go back across the street to the original building where I needed to get a certified copy of some paperwork. We got all the way to the office only to realize that the woman had not given me back my license. Really? LOL So.. back through the building, across the street to get my license. Now.. back across the street, back through the building to get the paperwork. All because they only accept checks.. now there is something really wrong with that too! Finished up with that and finally headed out. I think I was beginning to become buddies with the police officer scanning everyone LOL! I made a quick stop at Michael's to use my coupon. Then I took the kids to eat at an Italian restaurant.. Ippolitos. They have really great food. The kids have been asking me to go for a while so I finally took them. After we had dinner I stopped at one of the stores right there, Catherine's. I really needed a new bra or five. I'm not a typical woman.. I HATE shopping.. and I really HATE shopping for myself. Even more so.. I REALLY HATE shopping for bras! I completely wear them out.. I find one that I like and that's it. And my three that I had are worn out. They zip and the zipper won't stay up LOL I left Michael in the van with the van running and the air conditioning on. I knew he didn't want to come in with me. The ladies were really great. They measured me and we found a bra that fit great and I'm really happy. The problem is.. I was in there for 30 minutes and Michael became frustrated.. irritated.. whatever he becomes. It's really annoying. He is a teenage boy.. I guess I should expect it. But the best part!! I'm standing at the counter when he comes in all irritated wanting to know how much longer I'll be. Ummmm... I'm at the check out counter.. checking out! I ask him if he left the keys in the van... Yes! Ummm... did you leave the van running?  ... Yes!  Okay... Okay... You might want to go turn the van off and get the keys and bring them to me... I locked the van. ... ... ... YOU WHAT?!?!?!?! LOL!! I'm sure I didn't hear you correctly.. I believe you said you left the van running with the keys in the ignition and you locked the doors. And!! I don't remember anyone else coming with us.. which means there is no one in the van to let us in LOL  Is that correct? Why yes.. that was correct. Michael had locked the van keys in the van with the van running. I had to call my mother to come bring me the spare key. Then it started to downpour .. thunder and lightning! It was a fun show while we waited for my mother to arrive. Needless to say.. I will not be leaving the keys in the van any more.. even if Michael doesn't want to come in.  Interesting lesson learned today!

I still have some errands to run. Bailey and I are going to a class at the Archiver's tomorrow at 11 am. It will be to make a bunch of cards. She is excited. I still need to go grocery shopping too. My sister has called and invited us to something in Piedmont Park though. And I have to go down there so my sister can show me what to do with the pool, cats, etc. for next week. Oh yes! I will be staying at my sisters place next week, because her and my mother are going to France! How fun for them. They are going to be able to see the end of the Tour de France. My sister loves that race. So, we will go to Archiver's and then head to my sisters place. I have to buy Michael some new shoes as he proceeded to leave his in another town! Oh man.. what am I going to do with that boy! We will have a busy day tomorrow.

Another bit of news... In Australia there are two types of motorcycle licenses. One is called a LAM, I believe.. which is like a learners permit. You have to use this license for a year and you have to ride a LAM approved bike which has less power and such. After that period of time you go back to update your license which will then allow you to ride all the other bikes. Kevin has a bike that is not LAM approved. Even though it is a low CC bike, it really has a lot of raw power. Well.. after all this time he finally got pulled over and they busted him on it. We have gotten away with it for so long. And now that we are here on the final leg of all of this immigration stuff.. they just had to pull him over. He wasn't even speeding or anything. Oh well...we should have chosen the right path a long time ago. I'm just thankful he had someone that was decent and not a jerk. So Kevin is currently without transportation.. because he doesn't have a car. We will figure it out though.. we always do. I will have to sleep on this one and see in the morning. And you know what... who knows why he was pulled off the road. There could be a whole other reason for all of this happening. Anyway... On to the card!

I worked on this card tonight:

I was doing this for a no graphic/no sentiment card challenge. I used black and white cardstock.. and then a splash of blue for the flowers. I also used Want 2 Scrap bling. The scalloped circles are Spellbinders. The flower dies are from My Favorite Things. Oh how I love their dies!



Norma Gomez said...

Oh Susan, this is beautiful! I love the colors, the bling and the roses...well everything, lol :D

Mynn xx said...

Sounds like you had a crazy day!!! LOVE that gorgeous card--the rhinestones look amazing on top of the teal and black!!! I hope you come and join me at Technique Tuesday--I'd love to see your creation! :)

Karon said...

What a mad crazy day!!! Love the card you have made - and the colours are beautiful. TFS

Laine said...

Lots of lovely layers and design details. Thank you for joining us at Totally Paper Craft this week.

Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Sounds like you had a very crazy day but at least you were able to create a card right? I love the colors you chose, so beautiful! Thanks so much for joining us at Krafty Girls!

Krafty Girls DT

Laurence said...

May be you should have some more crazy days....Lol!!!! You have created a stunning card, thanks for sharing it with us at Robyn's Fetish Challenge this week.


Unknown said...

What a day you had! Sorry but I had to laugh at Michael locking the keys in the van with it running. The silly things our kids do to us!

Love the card! That blue really makes the whole card pop.

Karen said...

Pretty card! Love all the flowers and the bling! Thanks for playing along at Krafty Girls! :)


Jennifer said...

Love the flowers. Thanks for participating in the color splash challenge over at Krafty Girls.

Lisa said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!! I love the design!! Those blue flowers just pop off the page!! The gem swirls are a perfect accent!! Thanks so much for playing along at Krafty Girls :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Krafty Girls DT

Stampin in the suburbs said...

How fun that you have a sense of humor over a terrible, awful, no-good, very-bad day. Love the card. The flowers as the 'splash of color' are perfect.

Miss Sue said...

Beautiful card...I love all the bling! Thanks for playing along with us at Penny's Paper-Crafty. Hope you come back every week!

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful! Love your splash of color!Thanks for playing along with the Bloggers Challenge!

Basement Stamper said...

Gorgeous card and love the colors you chose. I also love the MFT dies! Thanks for joining us at Blogger's Challenge this week from another fellow Georgian.