Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Away from Home

Today I packed up the dog and the kids, picked up my mother and headed to Atlanta to my sister's house. It is only about 30 minutes down the road LOL... so it isn't that we have gone really far, BUT! We are out of the apartment! No worrying about the neighbors being loud upstairs and waiting for them to crash through the ceiling at any moment! I'm really waiting for it.. I just hope they aren't over my desk and my supplies when they come crashing through! Oh!! And no worries about the rude people downstairs with their mean stares and their complaining and banging on the ceiling.. and this banging on the ceiling is always when I'm at my desk.. sitting! and the kids are always sitting some where. I think the husband is bi-polar.. I'm sure of it LOL

So.. back to my original point.. We got down here and unloaded all of our stuff. Then I took my sister and mother to airport!! They are gone until next Tuesday to France! How fun for them taking a trip to France. I gave my mother my point and shoot camera and an 8G memory card. She should be able to take a lot of photos. I'm excited to see them.. I hope she remembers to take a lot of them! They are going to be there to see the end of the Tour de France as well. That will be exciting for them.. especially for my sister.

The kids and I are here at my sisters hanging out. We have the pool to jump into every night. It is going to be good to be away. The only problem is that I'm here with very limited supplies. I don't like being away from my supplies! I will probably go home on Friday and spend some time working on a card or two. Other than that we will just spend time in this beautiful house. Ooooo!! yes!! I need to take lots of pictures of this beautiful house and scrap them! What a good idea!

 This is a layout of Bailey.. and how lovely she looks with her huge YooHoo mess LOL The papers are from Club Scrap.. so are the beads and the words. The words were put on chipboard. I added the blue ribbon.. some stamping. This is one of my old layouts. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!


Chark said...

congrats on your win at Society of Stampaholics--better go claim it soon--if you haven't already! :)

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Hi, I'm new here. I was blog hopping and came upon your blog. And your post caught my eye and as I read it I started to laugh, because it looked and sounded just like my old apartment. I really thought the people upstairs would come tumbling through my ceiling one night with all there weekend partying going on. I am so glad I moved out. Your layout of Bailey is so pretty and she is adorable. I am your newest follower. Hugs