Friday, July 20, 2012

Cool Friday In Atlanta

I'm still at my sisters place. I'm feeling really out of sorts without my supplies and such. I've colored my image I need to use for a card, but I think I'll be heading home shortly to complete the card. I really don't enjoy being away from home and everything that is mine LOL  Don't get me wrong... I'm enjoying staying here.. Its a beautiful home, she has the most comfortable bed, and the pool... well.. all I can say is that it's nice to come home on a hot day and be able to jump in the pool!

I woke up this morning and so far it's not much of a pool day. It's rather cool outside actually. Maybe it will warm up as the day wears on. I'm going to get dressed here very soon and head home for a bit. I want to work on some cards. Then I'll head back here after a while. I will also be going home with everyone on Saturday night. I want to stay at home so we can get up and go to church Sunday morning. Then, after church we can head back into the city to hang out. I think I will do a load of laundry as well while I'm home!

The week at work has been long. I am already doing two people's jobs and now they have asked me to take on a third to help out while they look for someone. I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off. I haven't really figured out how to clone myself LOL  Hey.. I'll do the best I can! In hopes that they find someone soon to fill that position. I have a bunch of work with me today and I'll probably work on it over the weekend. Hey.. I can't complain about the overtime really.. I love the extra money!

We are down to about three weeks until our paper work has been in immigration for five months. We are suppose to hear something at five months. I'm really hoping we hear something soon.. I am getting anxious. Say a little prayer for us that we hear some good news really soon. I know Kevin is ready to come home and I am more than ready to have him back here. This is such a long process. I know five months doesn't seem like very long, but it sure feels like an eternity!

Hoping to have something to post later on today! Have a great day/night everyone!!


Lori said...

Hi Susan!
Just wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in the Bugaboo blog hop. chose you as the winner of the image I used...the rudolph face. :) Congrats!

Lori said...

Sorry..I forgot to say email me at so I can send the image to you! :)