Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bailey's Birthday

It has been a heck of a night. I left work and headed to my sisters yesterday. Bailey was waiting for me when I pulled up. I got into my swim suit and jumped in he pool with her for a while. After a nice swim we went inside to grab something to eat and I went to talk to Kevin for a bit. I was so tired... we said our good byes and I was going to head up the stairs for a shower and climb in bed to read. Reading wouldn't have lasted very long. I would have fallen asleep pretty quickly.

Then the phones rings and it is my sister's ring tone. I pick up the phone and she says... "Guess where we are?". And I'm thinking... Ummmm... Paris? Because you aren't coming home until Tuesday LOL! Wrong! They were in Washington DC. They were suppose to be home last night! Their plane got diverted because of storms and low fuel and they turned around and landed in DC. I stayed up picking up around the house and waiting on her to call me back. At around 9 pm she called and let me know that they were suppose to take off at midnight. I believe it is about a 2 hour flight to Atlanta from there. I immediately went to bed... have to get a little bit of sleep for work today!

I kept waking up expecting a text from my sister, but nothing until 4:30 am. I had just crawled out of bed and was putting my BiPap (thats another story) away. The text said that they had grabbed a cab and were headed to her place. So I went downstairs and woke Bailey and Michael.. told them to load the van with the rest of our stuff and to get their shoes on. After about 15 minutes or so they showed up and we were all packed.

This morning has been a busy morning.. I feel absolutely worn out LOL We got my mother all loaded up in the van and I took her home. Then the kids and I headed home... I had them unload the van while I got ready for work. After that I headed in and here I am! I have to train someone new today.. so I will be headed to a different building in a little while.

Today my youngest, Bailey, turns 11 years old! I can't believe it!  I have gotten her nothing LOL  It's what I always do though... we do a small celebration on the day and then we have a bigger fun day on the weekend. It helps because I won't be working and my sister and mom can enjoy the day with her as well. I have no idea what to get her.. Kevin and I have tried to talk about it, but really haven't had any time over the last couple of days. Hopefully we will have some time to talk tonight. I'm thinking to give her a $50 gift/VISA card... she is at that age where she is super picky about everything. That way she can spend it on whatever she wants. So that is that! I'm ready to go home and crawl in bed LOL

Here is a layout for today:

Taylor turning 12 .. now she is 18!! Wow!! Club Scrap papers, Doodling with my Zig Millenium and flowers from Prima. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/evening!

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Unknown said...

What a crazy night for you! Glad everyone is home safe and sound. Great layout!! And Happy Birthday to Bailey!!