Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Olympics Eve

Good morning everyone.. or evening for those of you going to bed soon. And Happy Olympics Eve! The opening ceremonies are tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. I just LOVE the Olympics. The games have already begun; there have been some events that have been going on. Kevin and I were talking about that this morning... and he makes so much sense ;)  I was surprised that they were going on before the opening ceremonies, but when he said that the team sports take more time because they can only play a game a day.. well.. doesn't that make perfect sense LOL  Just things that I don't think about. The U.S. Women's soccer team played and won... that is all I've heard so far. I will have to do some snooping around today to see what is going on. I also need to find out when the opening ceremonies are tomorrow. I love to watch the opening ceremonies and everyone trying to outdo the previous years LOL It is always a lot of fun.. Okay.. except when all the countries walk in.. because it just takes so long and I lose interest really quickly LOL

What else has been going on? I have been training a temp to help out in another department.. and I hate training people! I've been back and forth and feel like I haven't gotten anything accomplished really this week. Today I'm not going over there so I will just focus and try to get a bunch done.

We have been home since Tuesday... Wow!  That isn't very long is it LOL  No wonder I haven't recuperated!  I feel so worn out, but at least I was able to work on a card last night for OSAAT and I'm almost finished with it. I worked on it some more this morning and when I get home I will put the last touches on it. I am also going to print some images here at work... better printer! I brought my paper and that will give me some images to work with this weekend.

Night before last I was watching Netflix in the bedroom.. dozing off, when all of a sudden I heard a 'POP' and a big flash of light which woke me from doze. My DVD player was fried! I have been having some trouble with that thing for a little while now. I stopped by BrandsMart and picked up a new DVD last night... making sure I got one that I could connect to Netflix. Wouldn't you know!! I paid attention to the Netflix part, but failed to pay attention to the WiFi part. Ughhhh.. so I packed it back up and I'll return it today. I hate when I do things like that. I get in such a hurry that I don't pay close enough attention. Or, I don't read something carefully. This is really a bad habit of mine.. I need to slow down and pay closer attention. i got annoyed when I went in there, because there were about five salesmen just standing around talking. So, I grabbed and ran.. My fault! I should have paid closer attention! I knew what I needed. Tonight I will stop back by and exchange it for the correct DVD on my way home.

Here is a card for today:

The stamps are from Stampin' Up. Its just pretty simple. The square is covered in Diamond Glaze and then I cracked it. I love Diamond Glaze!



Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeously creative. Wishing you a great Thursday.
Doing Life
Digistamps4Joy DT Member
Tammy’s Scrapin Corner DT Member

Unknown said...

Pretty card! Bummer on the DVD player. Hope you get the correct one tonight!!

Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely card, the colours are so pretty... Thanks for joining in with us at ATCs and Cards with Attitude x

Rose said...

so pretty and i love the cracked diamond glaze!!
so glad you joined us on EAD :)