Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What about the kids?

When I was born I was baptized. That is how it was; it was automatic. Since I grew up fighting religion and faith, when my children were born they were not baptized. I always said that they would have to decide on their own what they wanted. How do my children decide when they were never spoken to about it or taken to church? What about the kids? I should have been helping them find their faith in God all of this time.

Taylor was going to church with us when she was still living here. I told her that I wouldn't force her, but that I was really glad she was going. She has a really shocking attitude though. It reminds me a lot of me before, go figure? She focuses on the scientific, the calculations and theory that make sense. She can't believe in something that she can't see or touch. This is what she says. When she left home she didn't go to church any longer. I'm hoping she will find her way as her life evolves. I know I will continue to pray that she does. Her Shepherd will find her eventually to guide Jesus' lost sheep back to him like Kevin found me.

Michael is open to Jesus. He is the one that really always has been a bit open. He would bring up God in conversation every now and again. He is always up for a good discussion. He listens to the sermon and we are able to discuss it later. Sometimes he is frustrating with his "I'm always right attitude", but he is a teenager.

Church has been good for Bailey, although I'm really trying to encourage her to go to the class with peers her own age instead of sitting in the sanctuary with me. I think that she would get more out of it. A couple of weeks ago the pastor was talking about an upcoming baptism. She has been talking about it ever since and has shown interest in getting baptized. I'm trying to get some information together for her to read about it or someone to talk to about it. I just feel it is important for her to know what it means and what she will be doing. I'm really happy that she has made that decision.

So, what about the kids? I kept God out of their lives for way too long. Now we will open up those doors more and hopefully they will grab a hold of their faith. I regret not opening this door for them earlier, but we will move forward together now.


Here is the second page of the Acworth Beach layout. I had to do something with the rest of the photos. So I just made a matching page to add them. Started working on it last night and finished it up this morning. Thanks for looking everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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