Sunday, August 2, 2015

You're Purrr-fect!!

Good morning! And a very happy, blessed Sunday to you all! We didn't really do too much yesterday. My father-in-law has a hip that is acting up and my husband twisted his back a bit and he has been hurting. So, we stayed home today and relaxed. The only time we went out was to get a new graphics card for hubby and to take and pick up my son from work. I did cook today.. which is rare! LOL I really don't enjoy cooking! But I put a roast into the slow cooker, added some celery, onions, potatoes and carrots and a bag of onion soup mix and let it cook all day. That was dinner and it was really nice.

I did sign my youngest up for her Fall Season of Lacrosse. She will be with the girls from Allatoona High School playing for HotLanta. She is excited :)  Then in the Spring she will get to play with the actual Hig School Team. She loves it and she is a pretty good goalie :)  I love watching her play and cheering her on! Okay.. enough of that stuff :)  On to the card for today!

I love cats! And this little guy is a cutie! I have made another card with him, but had this other image just sitting there waiting to be used. This is what I came up with this time:

This is all black and white. I have added several different embossing patterns onto this card. Each strip of black has its own design on it. The little kitty is colored with Copic Markers. The sentiment is stamped with white. The stamp is from Paper Smooches. I love their sentiments! This is another image that has been colored in a box just waiting to be pulled out and made into something. My stamp got all smeary :p  Oh well... you can definitely tell it is hand made LOL! With flaws!  I always have a hard time with the white ink for some reason!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Same Image; Different Birthday Card

Good morning! It is Saturday morning and we had plans to travel, but we just don't feel up to it. So, we are going to hang around the house. I'm going to cook a pot roast and I'll craft. The boys (hubby and father in law) will read and play and do whatever they do LOL  Bailey will do her stuff.. getting ready for school to start on Monday and Michael will go to work! That is it... Here's to a hopefully relaxing day.

This is the same image you saw a few days ago. I used almost the same papers and created a different birthday card this one:

This one is also colored with pencil and layered. I added some gems to this one and some stitching across the middle. I used almost the same papers and just made it a completely different card. Still a birthday card though!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Do we ever have enough Birthday Cards?

Good morning! My doctor visits went well yesterday. I'm down to 232 lbs. I'm taking it 10 pounds at a time. So when I hit 229 I'll celebrate LOL And then again at 219 ;)  And when I get 199!! That is going to be great! I'm so excited! This morning I have to fast and go get blood drawn.. a ton of blood. I think last time they drew 16 vials! Crazy! And I hate needles! But they open at 7 am and I'll be there to get it over with. Then I think it will be a hang out day. My son works and Bailey is going to an overnight roller skating thing.  So, hopefully it will be a relaxing day of crafting for me.

Yes.. it is another birthday card! This one is just for a girl. Here is my little Ballerina Birthday:

This image was colored with Copic Markers. It has been sitting in a drawer all colored up for some time now. I have no idea what colors I used. I added some pearly swirls and some gems. There are a few flowers and ribbon to finish it off. The sentiment is stamped. I added a stamp to the inside and some gems as well. I'm trying to use up all of the images that were colored or printed before I print out new.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scooby Doo Birthday

Good morning! It is Thursday!!  No work for me today.. Yay!!! But I have a lot to do. This morning my youngest gets to go to her High School, walk around, get her schedule, etc. She will be a freshman this year! I can't believe it!  Shocking! After that I have two Dr. Appointments.. One with the Doctor and the other with the Physiotherapist - She is my favorite person in that office! I love her! After that I'm not sure what we will be doing. I'm just happy to not go into work for the next couple of days! LOL

On to my next project. This was a birthday card for my oldest daughter's boyfriend. She always gives me a theme and this year it was Scooby Doo. Next year she is asking for an Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Card. That sounds like fun to me!!  Here is what I came up with for his Scooby Doo creation:

For this one I used two different images and they were colored with Copic Markers. I love these cards! I created the sentiment for the front. I used some neutral colored dew drops and then a button to hold the fold down. When you open that you have the first image of them in their van. Then when you open it further you have the gang. And I added the Happy Birthday to the inside. I used all scrap paper to create this card. I'm really trying to use some scraps up! I have way too many LOL!!

Copic Markers Used:
  • Van: YG03, YG05, YG07; BG11, BG13, BG15
  • Van Flower: YR12, YR16
  • Thelma Shirt: YR12, YR16, YR18
  • Scooby: E34, E35, E37
  • Thelma's Hair: E29, E27, E25
  • Shaggy's Hair: E31, E35
  • Fred's Hair: Y21, Y26, Y28
  • Scooby's Collar and Fred's Shirt and Pants: B93, B95
  • Fred's Scarf, Thelma's Skirt and Shoes: R24, R35
  • Daphne's Skirt and Shirt: V12, V15, V17
  • Daphne's Scarf: YG05, YG09
  • Shaggy's Shirt: C5, C7, C9
  • Fred's Shoes and Shaggy's Pants: E35, /E37, E39
  • Tires: W4, W6, W8

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Another Birthday Card!

Good morning! It is Wednesday! I just need to get through today and I'll be off until next Monday LOL! I just need to get through today! I'm not sure what we will be doing this weekend, maybe just some day trips. It doesn't really matter what we do... I will not be at work and that is good enough!

My cut foot is pretty much healed. Two of the stitches fell out the other day. I have one stitch left and I'm thinking I'll take that out tomorrow. It is pretty much healed up.

I am sharing another birthday card with you today. I don't think you can ever have enough LOL Here it is:

On this awesome Meljen's image I used Copic Markers to color. I did a bit of layering on this image. I've added some glitter for sparkle. I've also added some paint dots, gems, pearls and sequins for fun. This is another colorful, fun card. Well... That was what I was aiming for! I die cut around the image and then added a doily underneath. All of the additional circles are die cut as well. The sentiment is stamped using a Paper Smooches sentiment.

Copic Markers Used:
  • Cupcake Holder: YG11, YG13, YG17
  • Bunny: RV10, RV13, RV21
  • Cheeks and Ears: R00, R20, R22
  • Frosting: Y11, Y15, YR23
  • Cherry: R14, R24, R35, R46
  • Cherry Stem: E23, E25, E29


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Birthday Fishes

Good morning! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! Me... I'm just trying to get through a few days LOL I don't work on Thursday and Friday; I just need to get through these first three days! My kids actually start back to school on Monday next week and Bailey gets to go get her schedule and see where her classes are on Thursday. So, that is what we will be doing. Then I have a couple of Dr. Appointments on Thursday as well. Bailey is SO EXCITED about starting school! She will be a Freshman in High School this year! I can't believe it!

Today I am sharing another Birthday card with you:

I have used my Prismacolor Pencils to color this image and have added a bit of layering to it. I've added Diamond Glaze to the bubbles and then added some gems for additional sparkly bubbles. I also added three gems at the bottom. I added some ribbon and then on top of that I added the bit of twine that I added three colorful fish charms to on the side. I also added three different colors of glitter to the flame: red, orange and yellow. My goal was to make a fun and colorful birthday card with this image from Bugaboo -- Make It Snappy - Birthday Fishes.