Saturday, November 2, 2013

DT Call at Open-Minded!

Hey everyone :)  Today I went to the school Fall Festival... I set up a table and tried to sell my cards. It didn't go very well! I think it was just not the place for it. There weren't many people and then I was next to an obnoxious woman who kept blocking my table.. was a bit annoying!  That's alright though... I think I need to choose a craft fair! I just need to pick one and then make the decision and be done with it LOL! No more school fairs though.. that was not the smartest idea I don't think LOL!!!

So!! The reason I'm posting is that there is a DT Call posted at Open-Minded Crafting Fun! And I want to encourage everyone to apply!! We need at least 14 crafters!!  If you have never been on a Design Team, but you have though about it??  APPLY!!! That's the only way to get started!!  If you don't think your good enough... Ummm HELLO!!! I know you are!! LOL  Apply!!!  Okay.. that's enough from me LOL!! 

Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!!!  It's all nice and chilly here.. I LOVE this weather!!!  I'll have some cards to post soon!! Just need to get the posts done LOL!!!


Unknown said...

Sorry your craft fair at the school did not work out, Susan, we live and learn, (oops, pardon the pun), LOL...have a lovely weekend xxx

Unknown said...

LOL So true! ;) Maybe the next time I pick something it will work out!! :)

Shazza said...

sorry your craft fair did not work out. I have been to a few like that myself. Thank y ou for the kind comment you left on my blog :-)