Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunshine Award

Good evening everyone!!! I was so surprised and excited to receive this blog award from the most wonderful Karon @ Karon's Krafty Korner!! I have to say, she is one of the most wonderful bloggers I follow. I visit her every time something new shows up and she does the same! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you Karon!! *hugs*

This award is called the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Here are the rules:

1. Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself. (I might have to pinch a few!)
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them.

Question 1.  What is your favorite genre books to read?
My favorite books to read are fantasy. I love the Dragonriders of Pern series, The Eye of the World series, The Belgariad and more. These are my favorites for sure.

Question 2.  Name one place in the world you would love to visit.
Australia... most definitely. Amazing I would find my soul mate and he would be all the way there LOL And yet... the trip over is still out of my grasp. Maybe one day! At least I get to live through him while he is there :)

Question 3.  What do you like to do besides craft?
I'm a gamer.. I love to play games. I love to watch movies and tv shows too. I don't watch them when they are current.. I love Netflix LOL

Question 4.  What do you enjoy most about crafting?
Crafting is my stress relief! And I love coloring so much.. like a little kid! I really wish I could take some Copic classes, but I can't find any. So I will continue to try to teach myself!

Question 5.  What were your favorite things to do growing up?
I was a dancer until I got into High School (tap, jazz and ballet).Once I hit High School I wanted to get into sports and that is where I fell in love with Volleyball!!

Question 6.  What was your nickname?
I had a High School nickname of Stump. My kids still laugh at it today. I got it from my Volleyball coach, because I was so short LOL I was only 5'0. Wait.. I'm only 5'1 now LOL

Question 7.  What is one of my best qualities?
I think I'm really dependable, loving, friendly. I really try to live like Jesus would want me to. I do fail sometimes, but I try!

Question 8.  What is one of my worst qualities?
I have two that stand out.. one I'm working on LOL! The first one.. I can't say no! And people know that and tend to take advantage. This is something I need to work on too! The second one and the one I am working on... If someone does something mean/wrong, I tend to hold a grudge. I'm trying to be more forgiving. I think I'm doing okay.

Question 9.  What is something you definitely want to do in the next year?
I want to move! I want to get out of this apartment and into a house again. I miss being in a house. It wouldn't be the same without Kevin though.. so first I have to get him here!!

Question 10.  What is your favorite Holiday?
Christmas! I love Christmas and last year Kevin was here and it was the best Christmas I have ever had in my entire life! Here is to many more to come :)

I never knew how hard asking yourself 10 questions could be!

I am passing the award to the following bloggie friends - I hope you will accept:-)

1. Vicky @ Crafting Vicky
Vicky is amazing :) I love being on Design Teams with her. She is one of my very favorite people I have met in blogland!

2. Joann @ Sassy Raggedy
I first met Joann on a Design Team. She is so talented! I loved working with her and I miss her being on the team. But! That doesn't stop me from going to visit her every time something new is up :)

3. NanaConnie @ Grammy's Attic
Another team mate on a DT. She is so talented and so much fun. It is so amazing how much I learn from these gals!

4. Terri @ Terri's Terrifical Terrace
Terri is an online friend from long ago LOL MSN groups! I was so excited to get back in touch with her! And now I get to see all her new creations and follow along with her life.

5. Joe @ Scrapbook Joe
Wow.. Joe! He is SO talented! I love seeing his new creations and you have to see his new pup! She is ADORABLE!!!

6. Desire @ Doing Life
Desire is another teammate and I am always in awe of her creations. She is amazing and there is always something on her cards that I want to try!

7. Tabbatha @ The Zadis Project
Tabbatha is on the Meljen's Design Team with me. I love that I found her and I love seeing all her new creations. She is so much fun!

8. Joey @ Joey's Stuff
Joey is such an artist! Her coloring amazes me! I always get good ideas when I see the new items posted on her blog!

9. Paige @ Chris and Paige
I love following Paige and her life! Her kids are so beautiful. She just had a new beautiful baby girl! You will love following along as well.

10. Laura Beth @ A Step In The Journey
Laura Beth is one of my favorite blogs to read. She is so inspirational. I loved reading about the mission she went on. She is so crafty too!! She is a joy and I'm always excited when there is a new post. I cried reading her mission story's. She is such a great writer!

11. Madalina @ Quilltique Paradise
Madalina... I came across her one day at Make It Monday.. Wow!! she is so talented and amazes me with her creations!!

12. Moshie @ Moshie's Moments
Diana I met on the MSN boards too. I was always excited to get swaps from her. One of my favorite scrapbook pages has a kit she made. She is always amazing in all she creates!

I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs as much as I do!! They are all so amazing! Have a great night everyone!!


Crafting Vicky said...

Wow so well deserved Susan! your blog is a definite sunshine! Now this will not be easy.... passing it to 10 fellow blogger. Thanks for thinking of me :D

NanaConnie said...

I am honored, Susan! What fun seeing you get the Sunshine Award and I loved reading your questions and answers. :-D Just so you know, I've been awarded this same one previously and for that reason alone, don't feel it would be fair to accept it a second time or post about it on my blog again. Perhaps you'd like to choose someone else?

Desire Fourie said...

Susan you are so kind. I am very honoured to have been nominated and it was great getting to know you better. I will some time pass this award on. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}

Karon said...

Thanks for the Thanks Susan LOL! I love you questions and I really love the David Eddings books too, I have the whole collection:-) Have a great week:-)

Unknown said...

Susan, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I loved taking a look at your list too. :D