Friday, October 5, 2012

MelJen Release Today

Hi everyone! So, today was a good day after yesterday... or my two Thursdays LOL!!! Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and then Thursday came and I had to do it all over again!! What the heck!!! I had my own Groundhog Day! I don't like that! I don't ever want to have to repeat a day again! LOL Really makes for a long week!

The important news today is the new release of MelJen Stamps!!! I just adore her graphics... they are so awesome!! And I just LOVE Halloween!!!

Aren't they the best!!! I just need more hours in the day now!! So I can color and create! I'm off to watch War Horse!! I hope you all have a great morning/evening!!

Tomorrow is the big race for Kevin... Bathurst! So, that is the one thing that I can watch with him. As of last year anyway... they aired it here in the US last year and are going to air it again this year. I can have that on the TV and then create at my desk. It is a REALLY long race LOL

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Sassy Raggedy said...

They are all so adorable. Have to have a few of these...joann sassy raggedy