Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Delicious Doodles DT Call.

So.. after a little prodding LOL I decided to give it a try for the Delicious Doodles DT Call. I'm suppose to post three samples showing my personality and style, but I don't know what the heck my style is LOL I'm not sure I really have one LOL!!  And as for my personality LOL  Well!  I don't know how to explain my personality.. Hey!! Maybe I don't have one of those either :p LOL!!!  Alright... so here are the three cards I chose.. with some help :)

I love decoupage and I LOVE coloring!! And I love to try new things :)  So there it is .. my hat is in :)  Wish me luck!! It would be pretty amazing to be a part of that team !


Christine Kiehl said...

Good luck! Love those cards! said...

Wow three beautiful cards wishing all the luck in the world. Love Alison xx

SoniaW said...

Good luck with the DT call. Their images are a bit too dark for me! Love what you have done with the images,