Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scrap Room and Shelf!!

Good morning everyone :) Okay... I'm going to share the photos of my scrap room! I love being in this house and I love having this room to scrap! And I love having Kevin near me when he is on the pc :)  Okay... here we go:

This is the room from different views. I love having all the shelving for everything! Kevin set up my desk and then made a desk for his laptop. He also mounted a tv right there. How wonderful is that! LOL I wake up in the morning and walk right out here to my work laptop and my scrap supplies! I love it!!

Here is awesome shelf that Kevin made me. I told him that I wanted to be able to see all my wooden stamps so I could use them. They have been in a huge plastic container and to find anything I would sit there for 30 minutes going through them to find anything. There are so many stamps I would use, but I didn't because of how they were stored. So this is what he put together for me. He may even add shelves in between these! Now they are all lined up and I can see them and find them so much easier! I LOVE it!! And I love him so much... he is so good to me :)  And so supportive of my crafting :)  and gardening LOL and book reading and any other hobbies I throw in there LOL! :)  He is the best!!  Okay... here is the shelf!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Dee said...

I've refreshed this page several times and still see nothing it me or are there really no pics? Hugs Dee

Unknown said...

LOL Sorry Dee!! I forgot to get the photos loaded when I set up the post LOL!!

Crafting Vicky said...

wow this is really awesome to have such a big space! Love the new shelf I'm sure you will use your stamps a whole lot more now!

Hazel said...

I'm glad I remembered to poop back - your room looks gorgeous and I love those stamp shelves. Hazel x

Unknown said...

What a great space for both of you to share! And love those shelves. I bet you are going to be using those stamps A LOT now!! Happy scrapping and congrats again for finding such a great guy!!

Karon said...

Lovely big space and love that shelving. Are you sure you have enough stamps LOL! Have a great week.

Unknown said...

WOW, lucky girl! That space is amazing. Love the stamp shelf. Your husband sounds like a great guy and handy to have around!
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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

This Rocio from Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment.

Now about this shelf!! Wowzerss!! You are so lucky. Now you get to see where every and what all the stamps are. And look at all that room in your craft area. Congrats! xoxo

Bunny said...

Great room. So nice to have so much space and the shelving is wonderful. I know you'll enjoy it.