Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schools Back In...

Yes.. school started back on Monday... Work is killing me LOL and I haven't had much scrapping time. I get home and I'm exhausted.

Both kids are in middle school this year.. they get on the bus at 8:45 am and they don't get home until about 4:50 pm. I stayed home on Monday to see that they were off to school okay and didn't miss the bus. Everything seemed to go well. When they came in the door that evening you would have thought they hadn't eaten for days!! They were both at the refrigerator before the backpack was even off their backs LOL!! I'm really hoping I can keep Michael on track this year. I think Bailey will do alright. Here is hoping for a good year and passing grades!

At work they can't seem to keep anyone in the position opposite of mine. I'm beginning to get a complex!! I don't think I'm really hard to work with.. I keep to myself.. I'm a bit quiet.. not a huge social lite LOL I promise I shower and I don't stink!! I don't know what is going on!! So, it is just me and right now I'm supporting seven people!! And it is way too much LOL I'm working 12.5 hour days and when I get home I'm exhausted. Now.. It would help if I went to bed a bit earlier.. I need the kids to follow my directions and go to bed when I tell them to. Oh.. and do the chores that I ask them to do .. when I ask them to do it!!

Friday I have taken the day off to take Taylor to North Georgia State College and University!! She will be starting her freshman year of college. I pray for her every day that she will be safe and successful. I really hope she will meet some new.. good friends. I hope that she will focus on what she needs to and keep her priorities straight. We will see how it goes. I'm a little disappointed in the way she is... I think it is her age though. She is 18.. moved out this past May because she didn't want to follow the rules. Well... she really expects a lot. And when I give her something she needs or wants, I don't really get a thank you. She doesn't show much gratitude. I don't get it. I really hope it is her age and that she will look back one day and appreciate what we have done for her.

My crafting has been neglected the past couple of days.. but I have been working on items for my DT commitments.. which can't be posted yet LOL It feels good to be ahead though. I'm not ahead in one of them and I need to get to work. I have one image ready to go and I'm going to work on it in the morning! LOL I know I can I know I can I know I can!

Wow.. Look at baby Michael... Grade 1!!! I can't believe it! LOL Poor boy.. he hated school then too.

And here they are Monday... Bailey.. 6th grader.. Could she be more tomboy? LOL  Ughhhhh...

And that little Michael up there!!!  Well.. this is Michael now.. My 8th grader! And hating me taking pictures LOL!
And he gets his braces off soon! I thought it was this week LOL but I can't remember what day! I really need to call tomorrow!


terri foltz said...

I still have a week and a half before start of school. But it is coming!! I'm sure everyone will get into a rhythm with things. Praying for Taylor.

Joann Burton said...

Sounds as if things are a bit hectic for you Susan...Hopefully things will slow down some and you will get more time for yourself. Let me know if I can help you in any way. joann sassy raggedy